2017 SECA Crate Modified Rules


RULE BOOK DISCLAIMER: The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official. 


TECHNICAL UPDATES: Will be placed on the website and relayed to each track.

MEMBERSHIP FEES: 2017 membership fees: $60

YOU MUST BE A MEMBER TO RECEIVE WEEKLY POINTS. POINTS ARE NOT ‘RETROACTIVE’. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE POINTS UNTIL MEMBERSHIP HAS BEEN PAID IN FULL . If membership is paid ‘after’ event, that event does not count towards points or the mandatory 15 required for season ending events/and or payouts. Points start the first race of each weekly track and will run through the final weekend of September.

POINT SYSTEM: The following system will be utilized for all of the above programs:

Races with 8 or more drivers: 35-34-33-32-31-30-29-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12 any other starters - 11 pts. Drivers attempting but not making main event will 10 pts.

Races with less than 8 drivers: 34-33-32-31-30-29-28-27-26-25-24-23-22-21-20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12 any other starters- 11 pts.  Drivers attempting but not making main event get 10 pts. 

Points will begin Jan 1st and will run through Sept 18th.

Awards Banquet/Point Funds/Tie-Breakers: SECA Awards Banquet will be held at the conclusion of the season. Drivers/Car Owners are expected to attend or have a pre-determined representative to accept awards.
If you can’t make the banquet, please make arrangements to have someone there to collect your awards, otherwise you will waive any money or awards that you have earned. In the event of a tie for any of the above championships, tiebreaker will be determined by the driver with the most wins followed by most second place finishes, etc. until the tie is broken. If a tie happens in any other position, the tie will remain with point fund monies added up between the tied positions and split equally.



1 - GM crate motor only. Part #88958602 (350 stock circle track engine-88958602)

2 - May rebuild, must use GM parts as set forth by GM with the following exceptions: May change Rods, Mains, Cam Bearings and piston rings--No coated bearings, production only, No "HIGH" performance or RACE bearings of any kind (Notice: GM changes parts / and or part numbers more often than we would like. This is often done without notice to SECA, parts distributors, and engine builders. We all take this into consideration. Common sense must sometimes be applied.

Driver is fined $1000 and suspended from SECA 602 Modified competition for 30 days. All weekly championship points are forfeited. Violating driver cannot compete at any SECA WEEKLY SANCTIONED TRACK in 602 Modified during the suspension. Track event: (Track receives 50% of $1000 fine once paid). 2nd Offense - Will result in an immediate disqualification and a suspension will be set at SECA official(s) discretion.

4 -  One carburetor (1 inch spacer - No Tolerance). Spacer may not intrude into carb or intake. One gasket per surface allowed at 0.070"maximum each. No electric fuel pump. No magentos.

5 - Rear of bell engine housing flange at least 72" forward from the center of rear axle. Engine offset within 2" of center line of front cross member. Minimum engine height should be 11" from front center of crankshaft to ground.

6 - No Tri-Y or merge headers.

7 - No high volume oil pumps. Must be GM, no more than 60 psi at 2,000 rpm.

8 - Reverse Starter Mount okay, Power steering must be mounted in front of engine.

9 - No traction control devices of any kind are allowed.


1 - No direct drives. You must be able to shift forward/reverse with engine running. BERT type transmission, Generation 2 transmission, and Ball splines allowed.

2 - No altering of brake rotors/calipers. No single disc brake rotors. Must be O.E.M.

3 - All calipers O.E.M.  No machining/lightening of caliper.

4 - Any steel approved OEM passenger car or truck rear end allowed (housing and carrier). OEM rear end must use spool (full or mini). Steel axle tube quick change allowed. Quick change must use 10” ring gear with aluminum or steel spool. Only steel axles allowed. Any additional components must be steel except lowering blocks, axle caps, drive plate, pinion mount, and wheel spacers. No torque dividing differentials, scalloped ring gears or cambered rear ends. 


1 - Factory production US car frames. Frames complete in front of firewall.

2 - Frames may not be widened or narrowed. Front cross member may be notched for radiator clearance. Minimum frame & body height from ground is 4".

3 - Wheel base: Minimum 108”, Maximum 112". No front clips or tube type allowed. Drive Shaft may be made of Steel or Carbon Fiber Only (No Aluminum, Fiberglass, Etc)

4 -
Front O.E.M. suspension (This includes steering components) in stock location must be replaceable by stock part from same type suspension. No aluminum shocks. Stock passenger car spindles only. No fabricated spindles. Bottom A-frames cannot be altered or moved. Control arms copies may be used that are approved.

5 -
O.E.M Steering box with original bolt pattern for type of frame used. No center steering. No rack/pinion.

6 - Tube type upper A-frame allowed and may be moved.

7 - No aluminum shells, hubs, "A" frames, spindles or any other aluminum suspension parts. No plastic carbon wheels.

8 - Rear of frame may be altered to accept leaf or coil springs. Any coil springs must be at least 4 1/2" outside diameter. No fiberglass springs or lift bars allowed. No rear torsion bars allowed.

9 -
One non adjustable steel shock & one spring per wheel. If any shock has or had a Schrader valve, it is wrong, even if it is welded or inoperable. (This rule is simple, buy shocks with no Schrader valves.)  In addition, one 90/10 shock is allowed in the pull bar area ($125.00 claim per shock). Bumpstops are allowed. (not included in shock claim)

10 -
Coil over shocks OK on rear ONLY.

11 - Left side firewall may be left open (maximum 15") to allow airflow. However, cockpit must be remain completely sealed for safety purposes.

12 - Front bumper (min. 1.5") mounted frame end to frame end with bottom loop parallel to ground. Late model type rear bumper OK. Fuel cell must be protected. Center of bumpers (front and rear) are to be 18" from ground. (Tolerance 2") rear bumper, nerf bars & bodies not past width of rear tires. No sharp edges.

13 - No hydraulic pneumatic weight jacks, Trackers, M.S.D. boxes, or any similar adjustable components inside the cockpit.


1 - Pump gas and/or racing fuel only. FUEL MUST meet specific gravity rule of .745 (checked at 60 degrees). Fuel may be checked at any time. Series officials are currently completing a detailed analysis on all types of fuel/racing fuel in an effort to potentially lower the specific gravity. This amendment may occur during the 2017 season.


1 - Minimum weight with driver 2,600 lbs at all times.
SECA sealed or GM factory sealed engines will get 100 pound weight break. (weight should be claimed on hood of race car, for tech man to see) 25 lb weight break for Hans, or containment seat. (Not both, it is either or). SOME TRACKS MAY NOT ALLOW FUEL BURNOFF AND/OR THE 25LB WEIGHT BREAK. PLEASE CHECK WITH TRACK TECH DIRECTOR BEFORE ASSUMING.

2 - ALL Lead must be securely fastened to the race car. (Tape of any kind is not an option for holding lead)

3 - NO lead can be mounted above decking.  Lead should be painted white, silver, or highly visible color.  Include car # as well.  Unsecured lead is subject to track inspection, regulation, and/or possible disqualification if deemed unsafe

BODY: Engine compartment is to be left open. No side panels. Hood sides maximum 6" drop and enclosed at rear of hood. Bodies may extend no further forward than back of block allowed. Rear panel may be open from quarter panel to quarter panel.

No wings. No ground effects allowed inside of car. Nose can extend past front bumper. Rear Filler Panel not required. As a reminder, no rear spoiler allowed. Body diagrams are based off of 2017 IMCA Body Rules ( SECA Crate Modified exceptions to the IMCA body rules are as follows:

E) 42" Maximum
J) 34" Maximum and 24" Minimum
T) 68" Maximum and 24" Minimum (Must Cover Radiator)
U) 54" Maximum and 44" Minimum
X) 68" Maximum and 53" Minimum


Rear roof support not past front side of rear upright of roll bar.


1 - 8" Hoosier Open Competition G-60 only. Track Tire Protest rule is in effect. Track may take tire samples for lab at ANY time!  Tire Chemical Protest:  $125.00 per tire to protest- $125.00 per tire acceptance fee.  Tires will be checked by independent lab for ‘treating’ and other alterations. Tires that do not conform to the tire manufacturer’s submitted benchmark will be deemed illegal.

2 - Steel racing wheels maximum 8", bead lock right side only.

3 - Maximum overall width (front or rear) 78" from outside of tread to outside of tread. Wheel Maximum 1" steel or aluminum spacer allowed on front and rear. 


(Penalties based on calendar year)

1st offense: $1000.00 fine, loss of points, prize money - (minus one race at end of year standings). We will only score your best 14 races. In addition, a 50 point deduction will be applied to year end points total.

2nd offense: $2500.00 fine, loss of points, prize money - (minus one race at end of year standings). We will only score your best 13 races. In addition, a 100 point deduction will be applied to year end points total.

3rd offense: $5000.00 fine, loss of points, prize money suspension to be set at SECA management discretion.

$500 of each tire fine will go toward the track where the tire was found not to conform with the manufacturer’s benchmark.

MISC: Engine Protest fee: Complete sealed (GM factory seals or SECA seals) engine teardown: $800 ($400 acceptance fee) - Engine will be impounded and checked by certified builder ($200 to builder - $200 to track - $800 to winner of protest).Non-sealed (engines without Factory GM or SECA seals) engine teardown: $600 ($400 acceptance fee) - Engine will be impounded and checked by certified builder ($200 to builder - $200 to track - $600 to winner of the protest).

Looking for small or unimportant errors or faults (Nitpicking) will not be tolerated or allowed as nor on protested items. We are well aware that this rule book will not cover every situation or issue that may arise. Track Tech man has final say on ALL protests, claimed item issues. (Full engine teardowns / technical inspections will be completed by a certified SECA builder)

Track protest rules apply:  This is in regard(s) to the protest process, along with who and when a car can be protested. Please check the track’s rule book.

INDIVIDUAL TRACK RULES: Note that track rules on an individual basis may over ride SECA rules. This is in relation to mufflers, safety items, etc. such as window nets, gloves, visual protests, weight burn off etc. Please check with the individual track before attending an event. SECA officials reserve the right to amend/change, add, or remove any rules at anytime as seen fit by SECA officials in the interest of competition. SECA official(s) decision is final.

POLICY: SECA Officials, and SECA sanctioned race tracks reserve the right to refuse any racer or race car to compete, without notice at anytime for any reason.


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