SECA Unveils SRI Topless Late Model Tour

After much consideration and a thorough review of the current Bonus Points system, South Eastern Crate Association officials are pleased to announce the addition of a touring series! The SRI Topless Tour is set to debut in 2018, giving SECA Crate Late Model teams an additional championship option for the upcoming season.

"While weekly racing remains the foundation of SECA, a late model tour has been under consideration for quite some time", said SECA’s Jason Atkins. "With the proper structure, we feel we can improve the weekly championship program and also introduce additional options for our late model teams." Replacing the Bonus Races, the 2018 SRI Topless Tour is a brand new championship that will offer its own point fund totally separate from the existing weekly championship. "By introducing the tour, we feel that we can properly reward drivers that choose to support their weekly track and also give traveling teams a championship to pursue. By having the cars compete topless, we hope to offer race fans increased excitement and an entirely different perspective. Who knows, there may be a race team out there that can sweep both the weekly and the touring championship!"

While SRI Topless Tour dates and point fund details are being finalized, SECA Late Model drivers can look forward to the option of pursuing a weekly championship and/or a touring championship. Additional details regarding the 2018 season will be released soon. In the meantime, we ask you to join us in thanking SRI, our tracks, and the rest of our marketing partners that have enabled us to expand the South Eastern Crate Association late model program in 2018!