2018 SECA Crate Sportsman Rules Announcement


After extensive research and conversation with multiple track officials and industry representatives, SECA officials have reached a decision in regards to a specific rule in the 2018 SECA Crate Sportsman Division.

As is stated in the 2018 Rulebook, a measurement of 4.5 inches maximum - 3.5 inches minimum from the center of the axle tube to center of the trailing arm bolt is required for SECA Crate Sportsman competition. This rule has been in effect and available for every team to abide by for several years. While we realize that some of the products that are available in the market may not always meet these specific guidelines, the ultimate responsibility of SECA is to establish and maintain a set of rules that preserves fair and equal competition. SECA remains responsible for establishing the guidelines of competition and those competing in SECA sanctioned events are expected to abide by them accordingly.

After analyzing their research with manufacturers, dealers, and race teams. SECA officials have unanimously agreed to continue this rule as it is currently outlined in the 2018 SECA Crate Sportsman Rulebook. Should a driver make a “stock” purchase and have concerns about meeting the guidelines within the SECA Rulebook, we are confident that simple alterations can be made to ensure that you can be within the established guidelines.

Understanding that this may be an item that some teams may need to evaluate and possibly correct, SECA officials have agreed to freeze this rule through August 2, 2018. This timeframe should allow any team more than enough time to address any potential concerns as it relates to this measurement. Beginning August 3rd, all SECA Crate Sportsman competitors are expected to be within the 4.5 inch maximum and 3.5 inch minimum.

Should questions or concerns arise, please contact SECA Technical Director Joey Phillips ( )


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