SECA Adopts New Points Format For 2017 Bonus Races

After extensive review and consideration, SECA will adopt a new format in 2017 for its SRI Performance Bonus Races presented by

Traditionally these events draw larger car counts are among the most competitive races throughout the season. In an effort to reward drivers who excel in these demanding circumstances, a Bonus Race winner in 2017 will now receive 45 points. Every position thereafter drops one point (2nd place receives 44 points, 3rd place receives 43 points, etc) which ultimately leads to the 24th place finisher receiving 22 points.

All cars starting the feature event and finishing beyond 24th will receive 21 points (this is implemented for special events that may allow a starting field of more than the standard 24 cars). All cars attempting to race, but do not make the main event will receive 20 points.

Drivers will only be allowed to count their best 4 Bonus Race finishes towards their WEEKLY Championship points totals. SECA officials feel that the competition at Bonus Races are second to none and it is our goal to not only reward attendance but also the drivers who achieve success in this challenging environment.

This new format replaces the existing format which previously awarded 5 weekly championship bonus points to every team in attendance. Again, only the best 4 Bonus Race finishes will be recognized under this system. Should a driver attend 5 or more Bonus Races, the best 4 finishes will fall under the Bonus Race points system and the other finishes will be scored via the traditional weekly point system (35 for 1st, 34 for 2nd, etc). This is our way of encouraging Bonus Race participation and rewarding performance against stronger fields of competition. With the majority of SECA sanctioned tracks being conveniently located geographically, this should create an exciting 2017 season for all, especially our fans.

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