Harris Speedway Post Race Inspection Report

At the conclusion of the SECA Crate Sportsman event this past Sunday at Harris Speedway, SECA officials held the Top 3 finishers for post race inspection. In addition, both the transmission and distributor of winner Bryan Mullis were protested by a fellow competitor.

The transmission was inspected and approved by SECA and Harris Speedway officials. During the inspection of the distributor, questions arose about the cap and rotor button. The SECA Crate Sportsman Rules state that competitors "Must run HEI distributor as delivered from factory. May run MSD HEI module." In an effort to thoroughly review the situation, SECA officials retained the distributor for further examination and research.

SECA officials contacted certified rebuilders (SECA, NeSmith, Rush, & FASTRAK) & Chevrolet Performance representatives to determine if the cap and rotor button on this distributor were ever a "stock" component on the "stock" distributor produced from the factory. After hours of research, it has been determined that the cap and rotor button on the distributor do not meet the requirements "as delivered from factory".

In light of the information gathered and in our continued effort to abide by the rules that were set forth to all competitors, the distributor in question cannot be accepted as "delivered from the factory". As a result of this ruling, Duvall is now the official winner and all of the other drivers will be moved up one position accordingly.

In closing, our first responsibility is to uphold the rules we have established. Our rules are written with the intention of preserving the integrity of competition. While this is the correct decision as the rulebook currently reads, we realize that this was not an intentional rules infraction. It was simply an honest mistake by the team and likewise an honest mistake in how the rule was originally written by series officials. It is SECA's responsibility to write and enforce the rules to the best of our ability. It is also our obligation to review the rules should we learn information that allows us to improve the association for our member tracks and teams and we will do so accordingly.